Have you taken the 75-word challenge?

Kind of fun to do.

Technique: Basically take any 100 or so words that you have already written, and scrunch them that little bit further until you have EXACTLY 75. Here’s mine.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 15.51.14

My 75-worder has found a home alongside many others, on Paragraph Planet. Apparently the 75-word thing is a whole writing subculture. There is even a writer planning a book of his contributions. If you investigate, do check out my interview, in which I’ve answered (or possibly failed to answer) some questions posed by Mr Paragraph Planet, Brighton-based writer Richard Hearn.

I prefer my paragraph post-scrunch, but it was already published so there’s a longer version out there. My paragraph is from the opening of ‘God Mode’ a story first published in Greek, in which language it comes to about 150 words (146, to purists). The whole story (in English!) can be read in my book SaltWater, available direct from the publisher, or here or here