Interviews with Hassan Blasim & translator…

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Photo of Hassan Blasim © Katya Bohm

I have great respect for anyone who has the patience to translate books, so I enjoyed chatting to Iraqi writer Hassan Blasim’s British translator,Jonathan Wright. The magazine that published the interview is one of the few that regularly has articles on the business of translation – you can find some of their ‘Translation Tuesday’ features here… by which process I’ve just realised it was a Tuesday yesterday. Got in a muddle with the recent spate of mid-week bank holidays, that’s my excuse.

So far, the translator interview is the only one online, but will try to post a link of the author interview I did too, if at some future point it does go live. Was pleased to hear from Blasim that in between other new projects he is to edit a book of short fiction by young Iraqi writers for Comma Press – that should be worth reading… And if you have not yet read it, The Iraqi Christ, Blasim’s most recent book of stories, is published by Comma Press who will gladly send you a lovely paper copy in the actual post for only a fraction more than the cost of an ebook. And with that, I plan to shut this laptop and go and read a book instead.


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