New years and old years, to make lists or not?

It is the end of the year, and in consequence everyone seems to be making lists, and having little stocktaking moments. There are even lists of lists. I feel left out. I have always hated lists and been bad at them, the same way I am bad at spreadsheets and following a recipe or an Ikea instruction sheet — or any set of instructions, come to that. I know if I make a list (for example a list of my favourite books, as Sara Crowley asked me to do today), that I will leave out something really important and blindingly obvious. And I know if I make a list of things I plan to do next year, that I probably won’t manage to tick half of them off.  So I won’t do it. Is there a country I could go and live in where lists do not exist? Please do not supply me with a list of countries, I only want the one.

2 thoughts on “New years and old years, to make lists or not?

  1. I make lots of lists and promptly misplace them. I also cannot follow (will not follow?) recipes etc. I seem only to learn through pain. If you find that list free country, send me a postcard along with a ticket.


    • this made me smile. esp as travelling tomorrow and had to scribble out a quick “print tickets and find passport” type list. I once saw someone else’s very long packing list, printed on excel spreadsheet, which included how many pairs of socks to bring on his ski trip… just to clarify, think I was genuinely more impressed than that may sound.


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