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Piece I wrote one Bloomsday (16 June). Bloomsday has nothing to do with flowers, if you’re wondering. It is the date on which James Joyce’s novel in a day, Ulysses, is set. Specifically 16 June 1904. I wanted to be in Dublin taking part in some of the events going on (was especially intrigued by the noises and smells coming out of the James Joyce House of the Dead)…  but instead, I wrote this  for a Bloomsday Special issue of Wales Arts Review.  Here’s how it starts:

Seen on Twitter just now: ‘I wonder what ‪#jamesjoyce would have thought of the 140 character limit?’ What indeed? Given that Ulysses contains 264,861 words, about three times as long as the 80,000 words that many novelists content themselves with, James Joyce might take the 140-character limit with a huge dollop of salt. Alternatively he might deliberately mistake a 140-character limit as a reference to the minimum number of protagonists he should include in his next oeuvre.

Go here to find the whole issue, or click the image to read my piece.

Bloomsday Special - Wales Art Review