Some books I want to read

It’s not often that you read the book synopses on the shortlist for a major prize and every title makes you think, Yeah, I wouldn’t mind reading that. But that is exactly how I felt when skimming the shortlist for this year’s IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. It really shows that librarians know a good book when they see one, because nominations for this particular prize are made not by publishers but libraries in major cities throughout the world. I’m putting up the 2013 shortlist partly as a reminder to myself for what to look out for next time I visit the library.

2 thoughts on “Some books I want to read

  1. I wonder if this award will continue now the Impac Corporation has dropped out, Cat? And here’s an interesting stat: in 1996-2013 the Impac award has twice been won by women writers. Anyway if the prize does go, it’s good for it to go out on a high. And if it sticks around, well, that may be a stat that bears more research.


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