Dublin in a picture, video or 100 words

Sure I’d be lost without you

Cross the hump of the Ha’penny Bridge, pass the busker in the arch, duck under the inside-out bank and over the road. Finally stop by the Why-Go-Bald man. Watch him smile as he grows and loses his neon hair. We’re meant to meet here but it’s spitting so I’m in Bewley’s drying off under the coloured glass windows, checking my phone to see did himself get my text and does he know where I am, only hasn’t he gone and done the very same thing and sloped off to O’Neills for a pint?


My sister once won a pushbike from Dublin crispmakers Tayto by writing a 10-word slogan, but I have almost never felt inspired to write really short stuff. But at the tail end of last year I had a quick go at this thing called uniquely Dublin, just because the challenge (to write 100 words about what makes Dublin a unique city) appealed. That’s my 100 words above the photo. Not a winner or even a shortlistee, so perhaps a mini-story was not what they wanted, but it was fun to do. You can see the videos, photos, animations etc – and words – on the shortlist at the www.UniquelyDublin.ie where you can also vote, if you have a favourite entry.


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