New winter solstice story at The Bohemyth

Most sensible people are tying tinsel over their computers between now and the new year, but this last day or two I’ve been swapping emails with Dublin-based editor Alice Walsh about a new short story of mine that she is about to publish at literary magazine The Bohemyth. If you’re offline, this may well reach you sometime next year, buried in a snowdrift of tweets, email, and seasonal spam.  What can I say? Delete the rest, but this is an energetic new online publisher of short fiction — well worth reading and taking out a (free) subscription. As is true of the best of such publications, it is not tied down to particular postcodes. It  may be based in Ireland but it operates in an international space. ‘Petrol Horizons’ goes live there on 24 or 25 December, and the edition title ‘The last place to lose its snow‘ is a line from my story. There is also a lovely short story by Michael Crossan. After this you will find Petrol Horizons, accompanied by a gorgeous snowy photo by Ólafía Lárusdóttir, a marine biologist friend from Iceland. Here’s one of Ólafía’s photos, to give you a flavour. So make a moment to read this when you can…



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