In production

It was amazing to see that Saltwater made its funding target, and I can’t believe I’ve not posted here since. Actually I posted somewhere else something that probably should have been posted here. I want to thank everyone who supported the book, and reassure you that my going quiet here does not mean I absconded with the amount raised. I’m simply working hard, and so are the people I’ve hired to work on the book with me. There is a draft cover on the way which I will post here when it’s ready. Meanwhile here is the image that will be used for the book cover, which is a photo of a beach in Kerry.

The photograph was taken by photographer and musician Chris Anton of Boulder, Colorado, and I was really pleased when an agreement was reached with Chris to license its use as a book cover. The agreement came back signed with one of those bold looping signatures that fills all the available white space, and when I saw it I have to admit my first thought was ‘I should train myself up to have a signature like that, in case I ever need to sign a book’ 😉 Of course, as Saltwater is to be an ebook, a suitably authorial signature is something there’s plenty of time to work on – unlike the book itself, which is due out in about a month. Just as well October is a long month.