Maybe it’s the start of the school year…

or maybe it’s my birthday (also in September)…but I like to start new projects this time of year. I’ve recently taken redundancy so I have to start something new, for survival purposes as well as enjoyment. Last week I put live a project on FundIt, the Irish version of Kickstarter. If successful, the project will cover the base costs of publishing a book of my short stories on the theme of the sea, titled Saltwater. If not, I’ll get nothing. It’s going OK, as far as I can tell not having done this before, but it is not exactly a stress-free experience putting up a project like this up. Day one with a great big 0% funded on view was absolute torture.

Saltwater is currently  22% funded with 13 days left to go, so am now getting worried that I need to pull some magic out of the box to make this happen. Plus which I am away visiting my folks soon, and don’t know how much I will manage to be online while in Kerry and Cork. I’ve got a feeling I may not have time to post at Lane 7 while all this is going on, so if you’re wondering where I am this month, drop by my FundIt page where I will be trying to spread the word in as nice a way as possible, hopefully without sounding like someone who sells door-to-door short stories for a living. While I’m in sales mode, though: “for a limited period only” 😉 you can read extracts from the stories in the collection at If you’d like to read the rest, swing by to the SaltWater project on FundIt and drop a few euros in the tin. Thx


3 thoughts on “Maybe it’s the start of the school year…

  1. Ooops forgot to update this, the Fundit site is back online… Has been since yesterday (OOPS) Am posting this from the boat to Dublin… they actually have wireless on board these days… nearly out of battery tho.

    Also big thanks to Nuala Ní who has joined the project funders!


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