Europrogocontestovision: interesting take on Booker longlist

I tend to avoid reading about the Booker while it’s ‘live’, as I find it easier to be interested in the books that have been on the various lists long after the beauty contest element has died down. Am looking forward to reading Julian Barnes ‘Sense of An Ending’ some time soon. So this is not the sort of thing that usually grabs me… But a review of the entire Booker 2012 longlist that is actually worth reading, awaits your attention at Adam Roberts Project blog, Europrogocontestovision. I don’t of course agree with everything said here, and yet Roberts says it so well. He read the entire longlist and has deliberated on it at length.

His deliberations are astute and very entertaining — probably more so than anything else you will read on the subject of this year’s Booker. He has also pushed me a little bit closer to reading one or two of these books myself. Maybe this year I won’t have to leave it 12 months before I think about buying.


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  1. I grew up in Ireland too so know how Oliver Cromwell is regarded there however Hilary Mantel was writing about Thomas Cromwell who while not the nicest person himself did not oversee widespread slaughter in Ireland.

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