Reading at MVMNT Cafe in SE London

Couple of photos from last night’s reading. A fun evening all round. I especially enjoyed hearing Jim Minton and Jarred McGinnis read. A little bit of extra narrative tension for my own reading as I left the final page on the printer and had to download a copy of the story via my phone. If it was the 20th century I would have been obliged to make up a new ending. Luckily (or lazily) I was able head over to Southword to find the approved final version, and make a copy.

MVMNT is an unusual venue — an open air pop-up arts cafe in a space that will one day be a Greenwich hotel. Meanwhile it’s a colourful scaffold-type wooden structure with rows of bench seating all around. There’s lots of other stuff happening there soon too: music nights, reading nights… even an art night organised by the guy behind the bar who doubles as curator, sound man and stand-in poet. The photos might help you find MVMNT if you’re going. The wooden hoardings are visible as you exit  Greenwich DLR. But MVMNT Cafe won’t be there forever, it’s a pop-up, so if you get the chance to go along some time soon, just take it.

MVMNT Cafe in SE London  – by the people who built it