Addictions in a heatwave

It’s the end of a mini-heatwave (or what passes for one at this latitude this summer, i.e. 2 hot days in a row), and I’ve been indoors all day doing bookish things when the need for coffee drives me out as far as Costcutter’s to buy milk. Just before dusk I open the front door, wondering whether to take a short token walk as well as buying the milk, and across the road I notice a woman in running shorts doing this sort of bowing, resurrecting and embracing-the-sky type thing. She does this several times in a row, all the while keeping her eyes closed. Maybe it’s the Olympics effect. All of a sudden perfectly sane people want to run marathons, or at least a half a marathon each.

It was a bit like that in Greece the year they won the football [I don’t know which football – a Europe thing, maybe?] Beaches became impromptu football pitches for the rest of summer. Contagion. Next to this, my token walk would be so small scale as to not really count. But that’s OK. I’ll leave it for another day. Don’t want things getting out of hand, and the coffee addiction’s enough to be getting on with, for now.


2 thoughts on “Addictions in a heatwave

  1. Haha, yes, one has to be careful about this “contagion”. I played tennis for the first time in 30 years. Staying indoors and drinking coffee seems eminently more sensible 😉


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