Short story mania

We’re in the middle of International Short Story Year (2012), and not so long ago there was Short Story Month (May) and even a Short Story Day (actually I don’t remember when this was, but Google probably can, it was sort of recentlyish, anyway). Next someone will be declaring a unilateral worldwide Short Story Minute. The dotcom for that is available at time of posting, if anyone’s interested…

During all of the above, I was busy in an offline kind of way — digging, painting, and looking for money — so here, instead, as my not especially timely contribution, is a lately published short story of mine, on Southword.

I like Southword. It’s a long running journal that has made the shift from paper to online. The paper journal was one of the first places to accept one of my stories. The journal is still produced to with minute attention to detail, the sort that only writers and people who love writing can give. I always find good stories in there when I read it, and I admire the way the editorial team manage to just keep doing what they do come rain or shine, recession or boom. [Not always easy in the arts sector.] And if there is a bit of a short story boom at the minute, the Munster Literature Centre — responsible not just for Southword, but for The Frank O’Connor Award and various other literary awards and festivals besides — should probably take a good deal of the blame. And a clap on the back.

Back to my little story – this is one that I read last week in Balham Bowls Club at the 4’33” thing, which was a good event to be part of, and it’s called ‘The Plough and the Stars. Enjoy!