The Trouble With Talking – Hisham Matar

There’s an interesting interview of Hisham Matar over at FictionWritersReview, that I somehow only now got the link for. Actually I thought he was going to say the trouble with talking about writing is you don’t get any actual writing done, but no!  Here’s a snippet….

Can you really avoid looking at your own work through the same lens you turn on others?

You do it, but not in the same way. You are critically reading your work, and editing it and making sure that it’s working, but it’s a very different engagement than reading a novel by someone else. And you’re reading it when it’s not done. You’re reading as somebody who’s engaged in the production, whereas when you read a novel that’s done, it’s finished, and once my books are finished, I never read them. I would argue even that I can’t read them.

You can read the rest here.