Do I need a social media policy, as a writer?

I don’t  have a social media policy or practice; sometimes I put stuff live online, sometimes I’m quiet. Just like the way that sometimes I’m out meeting people, while other times I’ll stay in and write. And yet it’s been bothering me for while… should I have a more consistent approach? Every so often I’ll read a piece by another author that confirms this niggling feeling, and here is the latest instalment: Irish writer Laurence OBryan, in his blog, has tackled the subject of writers and social media in a way that is both useful and entertaining, thanks in part to the wacky photo of James Joyce, (way more fun than this one from a recent commemorative edition of the Irish Times). You can read O’Bryan’s thoughts here, although be warned – besides entertaining, they may well trigger a rethink of how you use social media: The Accessible Author – What now for fiction?


4 thoughts on “Do I need a social media policy, as a writer?

  1. Interesting article, but just one person’s take, as ever. This writer enjoys social media, but like you, is happy to take it or leave it as life dictates.
    I think the logic that says because we have access to the world now, our writing will change to reflect what we are experiencing – is deeply flawed. I reckon (but again, its just moi) we’ve had access to the world instantly via traditional media for decades, if not longer, and has our writing changed as a result? Nope.

    I predict therefore that some writers will remain interested in what makes us humans tick. Others will be inspired by their new knowledge of places, peoples, things and doings. Call back in ten years to see who was right! Vx


    • hey Vanessa, nice to hear from you. ten years is a very long time in digital, wonder what we will be calling social media by then? or will it just be part of the grammar,take for granted…


  2. Hi Lane … clicked through to O’Bryan’s post as well and agree with what he says. Accessibility is definitely the right word IMHO. I think social media along with the devices readers use to constantly keep in touch change their expectations – and mine too I suppose! I’m not sure it changes the themes we write about though. In terms of blogging, the more you blog the easier it is to find topics and time and ultimately readers. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog.


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