Podcast at 433 mag

My story Wild in the Country is up at 4’33” magazine. It’s based on a journey I once made with some student friends back when I lived in Dublin… The Dublin accent’s gone, and the road we travelled on has been replaced by an EU funded motorway that lots of people were up in arms against, but the feeling is still there 😉

Wild in the Country is an audio story – thanks to Emily for her help with recording it. You can listen to it – and find audio tales by lots of other UK based writers, all gathered together by writer and editor Mike Wendling – at 4’33” – the audio magazine. 4’33”  is an excellent place to hear (or share)  stories recorded as audio files. Stephen Moran has had a piece accepted also, one to look forward to. The nav’s unusual – mine was number 42 last time I looked but I think that’s by date not popularity!