Going Greek

Writer and eyelands editor Gregory Papadogiannis has chosen my story, Songs we remember, songs we forget  as the winner of third prize in the recent Eyelands international short story competition, and as one of 14 stories to appear in the Eyelands anthology.

The book will be published in Greek; this means that all the foreign language stories, which make up about half the book, will be translated into Greek. I lived in Greece for some years and gained my first teaching experience there, so I’m really pleased to see my writing featured as part of this book… It will be great to be able to give a copy to my Greek friends when I see them next.

The collection takes the year 2011 as its theme. As it is a year during which events in Greece have barely been out of the headlines I look forward especially to reading the stories by the Greek authors…(if my vocabulary is up to the task).

Stories by the following writers will be included:

Natasha Ali – Pakistan
Eustathios Gaitanides – Greece
Lane Ashfeldt – UK/Ireland
Karen Jennings – South Africa
Maria Olimpiou – Greece/ Cyprus
Adamantia Bampoula – Greece
Anastassia Repouliou – Greece
Giannis Panagiotou – Greece
Imaculate R. Mosha – Tanzania
Kate Baggott – Canada/Germany
Giorgos Ampatzides – Greece
Patsy Collins – UK
Vassilis Martsakis – Greece
Mary Hodges – UK


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  1. Thanks Jill
    More of a catchup effort than sudden rush perhaps — have been offline a great deal recently…. and need to keep it that way for a bit too, as it’s not strictly by choice… 😉


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