In Dundee for the literary festival

Dundee is so far north they invented Christmas cake here. Or at least, Dundee Cake looks awfully like Christmas cake, to an out-of-towner. And the city is also home to one of the coldest ships in the world, Scott’s Discovery (the one that got stuck on the ice). But while I’ve been here the weather has been lovely, not cold at all. I’m here for Dundee Literary Festival — which is in full swing now and runs until Sunday, mostly at venues within the University of Dundee. Well worth checking out if you’re in the area.

One of the highlights of the festival is the award of the Dundee Prize, which this year went to Simon Ashe Browne for his novel ‘Nothing Human Left‘. I haven’t read the book yet but am guessing from the cover that maybe there’s a bit of a crime angle to it.

Also at the University of Dundee, there’s another strange and wonderful literary ‘thing’ going on. The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification hopes to raise a million pounds for a new hi-tech morgue, through an online vote to name the morgue after a leading contemporary crime writer. Adds a whole new meaning to the notion that many writers are obsessed with death. If you’d like to vote for which writer you think the morgue should be named for, check out the Million for a Morgue website.