Reading this Friday – July 8

A bit last minute this – an event with reactivating in mind. Reading will be 4 authors with work on the site: writer and bookseller Sara Crowley (who was also a regular reviewer for, Saleem Vaillancourt and Alan McCormick. Plus me. In a teeny basement in Piccadilly, party time, a hot or maybe rainy Friday night in London town, either way come if you can…. and bring (or send comments here if you cannot be there) ideas for how Pulp Net might usefully regenerate in the future, from your point of view…

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6 thoughts on “Reading this Friday – July 8

  1. Ideas… I loved the way Pulp treated emerging writers with respect – and paid them for their words – for many I think it was the first time that happened, and it is important, in a world in which writers are increasingly expected to work for nothing.

    How to get that back without funding? How about this … make part of what Pulp does a workshop area. A SMALL number of actual workshops run in London, maybe other cities …and maybe one online, all of which writers would have to pay to attend. Good tutors. Profits, among other things,might pay writers for their work.

    The Pulp Workshops – you know, it has a ring to it…



    • One to think about – thanks for chipping in Vanessa. Lots of other online spaces – funded or not – do good work with new writers. And I wonder if people just tend to prefer going to local workshops? I guess the question is, what is it that people want and is that something that Pulp can help with, or should it simply rest in peace?


    • Jarred, as I remember it was more of a ‘not sure about this in this issue’, and then an issue or two down the road I asked for your story but it was already published… So someone else did a better love letter — Am I right? Lane


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