Book giveaway prizewinners

First well done to the mysterious “Q’ who has won a copy of Willesden Herald NewShort Stories 5. I wrote all the names on pieces of paper, crumpled them and threw them on the floor at work after other people had left — must shortly go and pick them up…

Well done also to both Vanessa Gebbie and Annie Evett. Both good answers, as indeed are the others that came in. By getting in first Vanessa has proven her short story geek credentials, however the prize goes to Annie partly because I’ve met Vanessa and don’t want to seem biased!

And just because I thought it would be fun to keep this somewhere, I’ve made another page here which explains what drew me to ask this particular question. Thanks everyone who entered and special thanks to Stephen Moran and Dalkey Archive for the prizes.

If your name wasn’t picked this time you can buy Euro Fiction direct from the publisher here, and the Willesden anthology here.


4 thoughts on “Book giveaway prizewinners

  1. From the prizewinner…

    Um. Gosh. Well I never expected to be standing here… No, wait a minute, I’ve got a list of all the people I need to thank. I’m sure I put it in my pocket. No? No. Must be in my other trousers.
    Ahem. My thanks go first and foremostly to Stephen Moran for generously donating the prize. And to Lane for making the pick. And to Stephen for kindly posting me the book. And to Lane for making sure I’d received it. It really is an excellent read and lastly I think I should thank all those writers who sat down and wrote the book, story by story.
    Thanks, thank you so much [exits clutching her prize, only pausing to trip on the mike stand as she goes]


  2. Hey Q. this raised a big smile of recocognition with me, no doubt I’d be tripping over the lead or something also, so you can come back and win more stuff any time….xxL
    ps did you know there was a guy who wrote a novel called Q and he wore wooden sunglasses. I mean the writer was called Q. The novel was called um Meat. Or maybe Dead Meat. I didn’t actueally read it, I just remember looking at the photo and wondering about the wooden sunglasses. 😉


  3. The book sounds wacky. Didn’t know ‘Q’ had such lineage. Must source some wooden specs and find out more about … meat.
    I once saw A. L. Kennedy trip on her way up on stage. She was hilarious about it when she reached the mike, blaming her drunk-seeming behaviour on “too many milky drinks”.


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