Rapture Fail (phew!)

Many students claimed to be disappointed when the Rapture failed to materialise last Saturday night at 6pm, because it meant they’d have to spend the rest of the weekend revising for their exams after all. The Rapture (or end of the world as we know it) was predicted by the same Harold Camping who had actually predicted the end of the world before, and also got it wrong then. Nonetheless, it seems everyone was watching and waiting, this time around.

Myself, I was quite happy about the Rapture Fail. I had a lovely evening. I went out for dinner, and for a walk on Hampstead Heath. If London had been destined to burn, explode or otherwise disappear on schedule, I’d have had an excellent view. But instead there was a clear sky, much burning of electricity from tall buildings, or if you looked the other way, a lovely sunset.

I have logged the Rapture Fail in my area on the Rapture Fail Map. Have you? As the more observant of you will have remarked, England seems to have survived, although (according to the map) there are large portions of Kent that may have been wiped out, as well as whole countries whose presumed survival remains, as yet, undocumented. If you live in Kent, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, or the Faroe Islands, you can still at the time of writing be first to log your area’s safe survival.


2 thoughts on “Rapture Fail (phew!)

  1. It is of course possible that Mr Camping et al are considered somewhat unworthy of a place up there…it’s all been a huge mistake. And actually lots of chickens, ducks, sheep, cows, haddock, cod and catfish are transformed as of 6.00 yesterday


  2. Maybe we were all transformed, have died and gone to heaven? It is just that heaven looks and feels remarkably like earth did, before…


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