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Kind of a relief to pull back the curtain on a grey day, because in weather as perfect as London’s been getting lately, I’m lucky to get any writing done. Fortunately things have been quiet at the day job, which means that some days I still have a brain by home time. Other evenings, I just want to walk around in what’s left of the sunshine, maybe meet up with friends… My plan for this weekend was to lock myself away and work, so I’m glad that the other night I took up offers to get out and about.

Tim © Clara Drummond, now on show at the Mall Galleries

First stop was the Mall Galleries where my friend Sarah-Jane Moon has a painting in the annual portrait show. We tend to think of painted portraits as being only for wealthy people, so it was nice to see a few pictures of fairly ordinary people also, and to meet some of the people who help keep the art of portraiture alive by enabling unlikely artists to take up painting. Afterwards I hopped on a 23 over to East London where, downstairs from the Tea Building, the Special Relationship was taking place amid much raucous laughter, affectionate pisstaking of literariness and hurling of Twinkie bars. I ended up taking home a copy of a book I had read about but might not otherwise have remembered to buy, David Miller’s Today.

The Mall Galleries Show is on until 20 May, and on 13 May budding painters can enter for the Bulldog Bursary – last year’s winner was Clara Drummond, whose work is featured in this post. And standup literary event the Special Relationship takes place on an occasional basis – basically when Jarred and Sam feel like it, I think – and probably Facebook is the easiest way to keep in the loop.

Late update from Jarred McGinnis: the Special Relationship “is on the first Wednesday of every month now. Next show is the 1st of June with poet Aoife Mannix and author Simon Crump joining us.”

Iris @ Clara Drummond, 2010 winner of the Bulldog Bursary


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  1. Thanks. Glad to see people are getting the point of the evening. We are the first wednesday of every month now. Next show is the 1st of June with poet Aiofe Mannix and author Simon Crump joining us.


  2. Thanks Jarred, look forward to that. I added the date to the post, as the way the comments show is a bit erratic here..


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