Topselling writer for time-poor readers

I wrote some posts a while back about the grim realities of earning a living as a short story writer, and a few of us were chatting in the comments here about about how to be the next big-selling author… Well, look who pulled it off: a man who “wrote” an empty book. What this says about people’s desire to read actual words is a bit sad, but Sheridan Simove looks happy. His book, What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, managed to gain a foothold in the Amazon humour charts, and selling way more copies than his previous two books, ‘Ideas Man’ and ‘Presents Money Can’t Buy’. You can read the story of how Sheridan got a blank book to no 44 on the Amazon charts here. He thinks a million authors hate him. Personally, I don’t. In fact, I think all those self-helpy type books should be published blank. And quite probably lots of duff “how to” books, too. Though the article, if you can bring yourself to read it, has some potentially usable tips on promotion… Some of the things Sheridan (or Shed) has to say ring true whether you write fiction or non-fiction: “any new author needs to wake up and smell the rankings. Most books, however well written, hardly sell many copies at all.