Sex to subsidise short stories?

Interesting new move from Salt Publishing, well known British based publisher of poetry and short stories: they are diversifying by setting up an ebook imprint to focus on romance and erotica. Well, “sex sells” is the old adage, and — almost as old, it seems: “short stories don’t sell”. Embrace Books will take in lesbian fiction, paranormal titles and classic romance. Find out more over at ‘For Book’s Sake‘ where Embrace exec. editor Jane Holland is interviewed. Or visit the Embrace Books publisher site. Short fiction hacks out there, be warned: the minimum wordcount Embrace wants to see is 50k… so you’ll have to fluff out your short story by quite a way to get a look-in.


2 thoughts on “Sex to subsidise short stories?

  1. Not quite true about the 50K minimum. Being largely digital rather than traditional print publishers, we look at novellas over 35K and don’t get too upset if a category book is running a little short. 😉


  2. Jane thanks for the update – really useful to know. Dont think I have anything that perfectly fits the slot right now, but will keep it in mind…


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