Back at the day job this week

And  very much conscious that I need to leave. There’ s a real need for change in the organisation and an overwhelmimg stasis, as if it can never happen. Perhaps simply leaving would be easier. Am trying to think of something upbeat other than the fact it is Friday.


2 thoughts on “Back at the day job this week

  1. So good to hear I’m not the only one! I had a bit of a ‘visioning’ party with a good friend – we life coached each other. Ended up being very helpful and allowed the first day back at work to be positive. Good luck in making your changes.


  2. Cheers, that was a v. low energy day, think I restarted too early!
    Feeling much better now and your comment helped too 😉
    Have decided to use day job stasis to conserve more energy for writing / other pursuits…


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