New Year’s resolution achieved

Well, sort of. I made a resolution to check out an ebook on Kindle. Having no spare cash for hardware such as an actual Kindle or an iPad,  instead I downloaded the free Kindle app for a PC.

It really wasn’t hard, and I can see myself using this again at some point. For students with expensive textbooks to read, I expect ebooks are especially useful. You can easily search for occurrences of particular words within a book, and bookmark and highlight sections for reuse. It feels a bit daft to be doing this on a PC though, as it’s stuff you could easily do on a more portable device.

What drew me to get a Kindle account was the story I had published in ‘My First Time’*. As a writer I felt happy with the outcome.

The other impressive thing (in this case at least) was the low price tag. If this was a paper book it would cost about £15 plus postage; electronically it is only £2.23. I wonder how much cheaper textbooks are in this format. [ The cost of publishing is clearly much much lower – though of course the cost  of reading the book once you have bought it goes up – battery etc].

*My First Time reviews
“I didn’t know what to expect. I installed Kindle for PC and bought this book on a friend’s recommendation. Everything in it looks so sharp and clear and professional. The art work and photos are brilliant and complement the stories perfectly.”
“What a talented bunch of writers and the images are so appropriate for the pieces. Great reading, for the spur of the moment or for longer sessions. The collection leaves the reader feeling satisfied, occasionally chuckling, and very often, nodding in agreement.”
Creative and Compelling
“Beautifully done! A really nice mix of funny, strange and poignant, and there’s a dry wit to many of the pieces. The free sample contains a good selection of what’s in the rest of the book — download it and give it a try!”
Victory for readers, writers and epublishing
“Hard to believe that such high quality writing can be found, edited, and delivered so quickly. I hope SoftCopy’s initial foray will encourage other independent publishers to do the same.”


All of the stories, especially the longer ones, left me chuckling or shaking my head. All fine writing, not a clunker to be found. I couldn’t be happier with my first Kindle download.

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