I write like… [some man or other]

So, someone has built a website to analyse your writing style and tell you which famous writer you write like. I did not believe the first one I got (Stephen King) so I kept uploading different sample sections, and also got HP Lovecraft and Vladimir Nabokov. Then, on the basis of a dialogue-heavy few paragraphs, the pronouncement was: I write like Dan Brown.

Finally after uploading a much longer extract I was assured that I write like Douglas Adams. By this point I was wondering if the answers are completely random, so I tried the same extract again and to my surprise the answer was still Douglas Adams. But this could simply mean the IWL sample base does not include many authors who use British spelling. I also suspect from these results that they may be a bit low on women writers, so I’d like to hear from anyone who tries I Write Like and manages to score a female famous author. If you do give it a go, here’s the link: www.iwl.me


2 thoughts on “I write like… [some man or other]

  1. I managed to get JK Rowling once with a bit of writing, but as that’s one out of about five different authors, it isn’t too encouraging that there are many other famous females on the list.


  2. Well congrats anyway JokiLoki. JKR has to be better than Dan Brown. As for Douglas Adams, I am just not really sure I remember his style so don’t know how pleased to be about that. I really liked the film of Hitchhikers Guide and the ideas behind it, though. Nabokov was easy, just have characters remove clothes with intent, kind of thing.


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