Sak Pase – updated

Sak Pase?‘ means ‘What’s happening?’ in Haitian Creole, and was to be the title of a new book published August. But what’s really happening is, the book will be published in October instead, under a the title A Lime Jewel. Whatever its title, the great thing about this book is, all the writing has been donated and the proceeds will go to the Lambi Fund of Haiti. It’s the brainchild of Black Londoner Appeal founder Yetunde Ruban, and the appeal aims to make £10,000 for the fund. Active in Haiti since the 1990s, the Lambi Fund backs long term projects like wells and loans for people to improve their farms. You can find out more about the Fund, including its views on the Monsanto donation of seeds to Haiti, by reading their blog. Hopefully the book will help the Black Londoner appeal meet its fundraising target. Oh, and happily, one of my stories will be in there, somewhere, too.

Want to be at the launch? I’ll write another post about this nearer the time. Tickets at £10 each include an evening out, a chance to hear some readings and your copy of the book. If you’d like to come along,  buy a ticket here.


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