Decide who wins the 1970 Man Booker

I mentioned this in an earlier post and discovered a few Muriel Spark fans lurking about. Since then, the years 1961-1970 were declared to be the years in which to set your 2009 movie, as epitomised by ‘The Single Man’, set in 1962, for which Colin Firth won a BAFTA. The period certainly gives directors the chance to feature some interesting lampshades, toasters, rugs and glasses in their films. Anyway, the Booker 1970 shortlist was announced a few days ago,  four decades late, and fans of Ms Spark will be pleased to note that she has made it this far…

  • Muriel Spark: The Driver’s Seat
  • Patrick White: The Vivisector
  • Shirley Hazzard: The Bay of Noon
  • Nina Bawden: The Birds on the Trees
  • J G Farrell: Troubles
  • Mary Renault: Fire from Heaven

If you want to cast your vote online, you have until 23 April to do so. Just click here to go to the Man Booker prize website.


2 thoughts on “Decide who wins the 1970 Man Booker

  1. I’ve cast my vote (guess who for?!). Thanks for drawing my attention to it, I had no idea we, the public, could foist our opinions on history in this way.


  2. Kind of cool, isn’t it? I expect there’s a few people Booker winners over the years that people might vote off, as well, given a genuine chance to rewrite literary history.

    A few of the 1970 writers are still living, so I suppose they are best placed to win an online vote. But Muriel has an odd topicality in her favour, in that The Driver’s Seat is about a strange kind of assisted suicide. We shall see.


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