Deleting old contacts: Ryan Kennebeck

I did an auto-import from my old phone, but it brought over too many addresses from a previous job, so I was going back and taking stuff out. One of those names stopped me: Ryan Kennebeck. I never met Ryan. I published one of his stories, and we exchanged a couple of unnecessary but sweet emails that kind of made it seem as if we had met. A month or so later he emailed again to say that a collection of his short stories would be coming out on a small American press the following year, and I promised to review the book. But Ryan was dead by then. So far, the book has not come out. I know where at least two of his stories are, and I’ll post links to them. Read them, and you’ll know why I didn’t press delete.

It Looks Like It Might Eat You

Abandoned Things


9 thoughts on “Deleting old contacts: Ryan Kennebeck

  1. I wasn’t familiar with Ryan Kennebeck’s fiction but ooh, those are good words there. Any ideas what is happening regarding the short story collection that was meant to have published?

    Thanks for the links, Lane.


  2. Hi Sara.
    I think it’s stalled for the moment. I don’t know if it was a legal thing or a money thing, but I expect the book probably will come out, eventually. One of his family emailed me – this was a couple of years ago at least – but the reply address was mistyped so I couldn’t get back in contact.


  3. Hi Lane,
    Thanks for posting this. I’d love to see his book published too. I can put you in touch with his parents again if you’d like…


  4. I came across this by accident, i’m Elesha, Ryans’ youngest sister. i don’t know about the book being published any time soon but i would love to see it someday published. anyways, thank you for the sweet note about him. : )


  5. Hello Elesha, I hope so too. Vina put me in contact with Ryan’s parents by email but I got not reply from them – it could be spam filtering or it could be another reason. if you are not already in contact, would you like me to send you Vina’s email address? Lane


  6. It was good to read this. Ryan was one of my best friends in the world, and even though it’s been years now, I still google him from time to time. I don’t know what I’m expecting to find when I do this, but I do.

    I’ve got a folder full of his unpublished short stories, and I’m not sure what to do with them. I would love to see his book published. You’ll want to hit up a guy by the name of Steven Coy for an explanation of why the book never came off the ground. He was going to be the publisher, and he may have some more detailed information.


    • Hi Spencer

      Thanks for that. I was aware of the fact it was Coy and BNS who were going to publish, but no other details. As I am not still publishing Pulp Net I am not sure if I should get involved. I do have this feeling the book will come out, eventually…



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