My latest story…

is called Adventure of a lifetime. Find it now while it’s still on the front of the strange and wonderful science journal   Lablit, edited by scientist and science writer Jennifer Rohn, is “a forum for all topics related to the culture of science in fiction and fact.”


2 thoughts on “My latest story…

  1. Enjoyed this Lane – especially like the overarching postcard image. Any particular inspiration, pictorial or otherwise?


  2. Hey Sarah. It’s one I’ve worked on for a while, as it goes. A earlier version was much raunchier… But that isn’t the key difference, for me. This version covers a longer timeframe, and hints at what was going for Dave on before we meet him. He was a really hopeless case when I wrote him first, and over time I got to like him and made him less hopeless. Reading the story now, so much has changed as well in the real world that it’s set in – the gallery has moved, and the part of Soho that the main character hangs out in is being ripped apart…

    The Gallery is/was the Photographer’s Gallery. It’s now in another location, but instead of looking it up, I’m waiting for London to spill the secret. Actually, a stranger taking photos on the street one day told me where to find it, but then I forgot again. 😉


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