The Bells at Christchurch by Lane Ashfeldt (reading, c5 mins)

Writer friend Samuel Taradash dropped by one sunny lunchtime with his portable recording gear, and we went for a walk and recorded an outdoor reading of my story The Bells at Christchurch. We thought we’d picked a nice quiet spot, but we were right by the train tracks. ‘Cessed la Vye,’ as my sixteen-year-old friends would have said, once upon a time. Anyway, here it is if you want a listen.

Sam’s story ‘King for a Day’ is published in What We Were Thinking Just Before The End, the same collection in which ‘The Bells at Christchurch’ appears. More on What We Were Thinking Just Before The End at The Green Press.


2 thoughts on “The Bells at Christchurch by Lane Ashfeldt (reading, c5 mins)

  1. Nice recording! I think the background buzz lends ambience. Enjoyed this piece and the way you juxtapose all the tension, angst, expectation and actuality of New Year’s. Glad to discover the green press podcast too.


  2. Thanks a lot, Sarah. Glad you liked it.

    TGP has a few of these recordings. I think you can subscribe to get the new ones. Strangely Sam hadn’t yet done one of his own last time I looked… though he seems to have a very radio voice.


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