London’s reading bedroom


Been going into work early, sometimes even early enough to get a seat. The Tube is very bedroomy then. No one speaks. Some women paint on make-up, hold out little mirrors to check they’re doing a passable job. But that’s rare. Sleeping or reading are the usual things. Mostly people read books. A guy next to me is reading history: the Age of Europe. 1600s, I think. He turns the pages incredibly slowly. I ask if it’s the Age of Asia now, but he says no, today we are in the Postmodern Age. He closes his book and gets off at Mornington Crescent, leaving me thinking, Funny that, because Postmodern sounds so old… Like aeroplane or Hi-Fi Stereo. Hovercraft, Information Superhighway. So what age do we live in? Perhaps the Age of Plastic. Yeah, still.