launch of ‘Dancing with Mr Darcy’ at Foyles

Lynsey Ashford and Sarah Waters

‘Dancing with Mr Darcy’ editors Sarah Waters and Lindsay Ashford were there to celebrate and endorse the book, which is a collection of short stories inspired by Jane Austen, published by Honno.


The authors gathered together to hear a reading of the winning story by Victoria Owens (pictured here in the centre). It was my first time having a story published in a collection in which all the authors were women, and I don’t know if that is why, but there was something extra nice about it.

Andrea Watsmore and Lane Ashfeldt

Later I caught up with fellow London author Andrea Watsmore, and a few of us took Jane  (and The Little Stranger) to the pub. I wonder what Jane Austen would have made of the girl with the bright blue hair?

Jane at the pub