A big fat zero

The noughties are nearly gone.

Just as we got used to writing and saying the word ‘Noughties’ in unembarrassed fashion, the decade is about to be over. And what a nothing of  a decade it was. A decade in which the art, music and writing of other decades was endlessly recycled, a decade in which an attack on two buildings became the justification for a so-called ‘War on Terror’ in which many thousands were murdered and others went hungry, while in countries geographically (but not otherwise) far removed from all this, we became overly interested in food and ate far too much of it, then dieted or went to the gym or the doctor to remove the resulting fat, and spent our time watching celebrities do the same thing. Technology allows us to connect with people anywhere on the planet, but those who have advertising money to spend keep trying to herd us into mass market spaces where we will endlessly watch and listen to just those same few people that we are all on first name terms with and about whom we already know far too much.