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Punk Fiction

Tie-breaker Q: Who were the Romantics and what defined them? NB this is a no-google question, please just answer Rorschasch style with the first thing that comes into your head, sending your answer as a comment. The winner will be contacted by email and the book sent to them by post. Deadline to enter: 21 June 2009

Punk Fiction reviewed in The Guardian: “You leave its pages realising that being a punk really just means being young, high on the fumes of freedom and puffing your lungs up big enough to breathe life into the world.”


3 thoughts on “Win a copy of Punk Fiction

  1. The Romantics? You mean the fellas who wanted to make the world better by making their art like some sort of faux-Latin fever dream of misunderstood mythological allusions, flowing togas, perky bosoms and lovers’ suicides?

    Or were you talking about Gerry Mills & Chuck Boone?


  2. Thanks Sam and Vanessa both (also Ossian who got in quick and replied while this was still in ruff notes on an earlier post…) Good answers all round (this includes the one that came anon). I like the way Mr Taradash brings Mills & Boone into this. Reading his and Ossian’s definitions, it does stretch the brain a little to figure out how we get from the Romantics to Chick Lit. But I think this has to go to Ossian mainly for the phrase “limp-wristed heroism of the Celtic twilight with Yeats, Mangan & Co”.

    Well done Ossian, will be in touch to schedule a delivery.


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