Question about a writers ‘movement’

Does anyone reading this know who the Romantics were? Or why they were called that?

This is WITHOUT Google, without any other online search or phone-a-friend, just what you KNOW. I am just as interested in wild guesses as I am in the truth. Who you think they are? Or might be? If you cannot hazard names, hazard a century or a theory about how best to describe them. Imagine there is a huge prize to motivate you (there isn’t).

Actually there could be a prize, will have a rummage and make an offer tomorrow…Answers in a comment box please. Anonymity guaranteed if wished – just say Not for publication in your comment. Ta very muchly…


3 thoughts on “Question about a writers ‘movement’

  1. Were they not? the poets in the 19th century, ranging from sophisticates such as Wordsworth and his friend Coleridge to rustic John Clare, who in counterpoint to grimy urbanisation turned to landscape and nature for a sense of grandeur and transcendence. Followed by the gorgeous reveries of Keats, the bracing and cold-edged Shelley and sybaritic Byron through rather limp-wristed heroism of the Celtic twilight with Yeats, Mangan & Co till finally it was broken up finally by the horrors of the early 20th century.


  2. Welcome Ossian. Very interesting stuff. The top of your head seems to be a capacious writing space. I used to think Wordsworth was Irish (anglo) but maybe not. I think my main “evidence” was having to learn a poem of his. My connection currently too slow to check any of this.


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