What we were thinking just before the end


Just launched: What we were thinking just before the end. The end of what exactly is not clear, but all the same something about this book of writing by London based writers seems in tune with the times. My piece in the anthology, ‘The Bells at Christchurch’, is set in my all-time favourite (surviving) Dublin pub, O’Neills. Incidentally, I do hope the end of O’Neills is not nigh… it has stood on Suffolk Street for 300 years – roll on the next 300.


2 thoughts on “What we were thinking just before the end

  1. Cool cover. Who designed it? Do the stories follow a common theme? (In case you wondered, these questions are buying signals..)


    • Hullo Joel, will have to ask around and come back to you on the designer. I worried it looked a bit suicidal myself, but it’s not meant to, so it’s a relief to hear you like it. Thematically, it’s pretty varied stuff – a Lucky Bag.


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