No 4 bus story: the lost laptop (2)

So your laptop is gone. Panic, nastiness etc. What do you do? 

You ask around, and someone tells you about the place where the No 4 bus goes to sleep at night. It’s a ten-minute walk away, or a four minute jog in this case. You follow the directions you’ve been given. The further you get from the high street the less sure you are that this secret building actually exists, but finally you round a corner and it looms ahead of you like an overgrown brick shed. 


They pack a lot of buses in here, and how do you know for sure that  your No 4 bus is one of them? You don’t. It could be driving down some other road entirely…It’s a tense search, up and down a lot of stairs in 17 identical No 4s in search of THE one – but in the end, you find the right bus. How do you know? The bag is still there, exactly where you left it. 

If you don’t like happy endings, tough. When your laptop goes AWOL, just like when your hard drive gets fried, a happy ending is exactly what you need.


2 thoughts on “No 4 bus story: the lost laptop (2)

    • Thanks, James. and I do normally take good care — not relaxed enough to leave an untended laptop as a seat-keeping device in a cafe, though I’ve seen other people do this…


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