LitCamp London 2008 in countdown mode

Been too busy to post, lots of emails, phonecalls and meetings and so on about LitCamp. I am glad it’s billed as an unconference because no one (including me) knows exactly what to expect. Don’t want to jinx it by going on too much here, but it’s been really good to find so many writers with strong ideas to contribute. All happening Fri 12 September at London Metropolitan University. Programme up, and final few tickets on sale, via the LitCamp site.  

One thought on “LitCamp London 2008 in countdown mode

  1. Hi Lane,

    I attended LitCamp yesterday and absolutely loved the day. It was inspiring and informative and spoke to several people who said they hoped Pulp Net would do something like it again. Hope you have your feet up with a cuppa now. Thanks for a great day.


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